Crayola Brightens Up Video Game

Crayola has teamed up with Outright Games to create “Crayola Scoot,” a new video game that invites players on a color-filled adventure. 

“Crayola Scoot” features single-player and multi-player modes and encourages players to compete for the Crayola Color Cup through a series of branded challenges.

Highlights include:

  • Create and customize your own character;
  • Perform tricks and jumps to splash color, activate boosts and shortcuts;
  • Six team and induvial events,
  • Scoot Legend challenges on 12 parks across three worlds and
  • Split screen battles

“Crayola Scoot” will be available for Playstation4, Xbox One , Nintendo Switch and PC in October. Outright Games is set to reveal gameplay during E3 2018, taking place now through Jun. 14 in Los Angeles.

"We are eager to give a hands-on look at Crayola Scoot for the first time at E3," says Terry Malham, chief executive officer, Outright Games. "This imaginative and colorful game is filled with surprises that we've been looking forward to revealing!"

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