Arklu Launches Lottie Dolls

Arklu has launched a new fashion doll, Lottie, that it hopes will address parental concerns about other fashion dolls and compete with U.S. doll lines like Barbie and Bratz.

The new Lottie doll line is now available at retailers and carries the tag line, Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You.

Arklu first found success in the doll market with its Royal Wedding Dolls line last year. The company is now hoping that its focus on commonsense values will give it an edge against its U.S. competitors.

Designed for girls ages 3 to 8, the Lottie doll is intentionally more childlike than her competitors (Arklu says Lottie is 9-years-old) with accurate body dimensions (except for the head) for her age based on research by British academics.