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Universal Closes Deals Worldwide

Universal Partnership & Licensing has signed a raft of consumer products deals for its properties last month.New U.S. partners include Mondo for An American Werewolf in London, Shaun of the Dead, Psycho and Back to the Future franchise posters; Poster

New U.S. partners include Mondo for An American Werewolf in London, Shaun of the Dead, Psycho and Back to the Future franchise posters; Posterservice for Bridesmaids posters; Blitzway for Carlito’s Way collectibles; Changes for Chucky franchise apparel (U.S. and various territories); Personalization for classic Curious George customized products; Brand-Xpand for "Curious George" (TV) customized products; Hybrid Promotions for Hop apparel; Aristocrat for Jaws gaming (U.S. and worldwide); IGT for Mamma Mia! gaming (U.S. and worldwide); NBC Experience Stores for Cowboys & Aliens cels and fine art, Despicable Me domestics and Hop domestics; Undercover for Psycho Apparel (U.S. and worldwide); Mezco Toyz for The Mole People, This Island Earth and Universal Monsters toys and games (U.S. and worldwide); and Mondo for Universal Monsters posters and fine art prints.

In Canada, new partners include Philcos Enterprises for The Big Lebowski apparel; Scorpio Posters for The Breakfast Club and Jaws Posters; Bakery Crafts for "Curious George" (TV) cake decorations and cookies; Rubie’s Costume Company for "Curious George" (TV) and Scarface Costumes; MadBrothers for Slap Shot apparel and accessories; Philcos Enterprises for Scarface apparel; Trends International for Scarface posters; and My Idol Pops for Universal Monsters lollipops.

In Latin America, new partners include Garbarino for Back to the Future promotions (Argentina); Productos Panamenos for Fast & Furious franchise stationery (Panama); Deomar Editoria Ltda for Woody Woodpecker publishing (Brazil); Christmas Magic Comercio for Woody Woodpecker location-based exhibition (Brazil); Brandili LTDA for Woody Woodpecker apparel (Brazil); Argos Industria e Comercio for Woody Woodpecker drinkware (Brazil); Indústria Têxtil Belmar Ltda. for Woody Woodpecker bedding and sleepwear (Brazil); Promo One Soluções em Brindes for Woody Woodpecker sporting goods (Brazil); Indústria Têxtil Belmar Ltda. For Woody Woodpecker baby bedding and sleepwear (Brazil); and Romitex Malhas Ltda. Woody Woodpecker baby apparel (Brazil).

In Asia, new partners include Blitzway for Carlito’s Way collectibles; D-Factory Co for Curious George (Classic) plush (Japan); and Sao Paulo Alpargatas for Woody Woodpecker footwear (Hong Kong).

In Europe and Australia, new partners include C-Trade for "The Land Before Time" (TV) publishing (Eastern Europe); RH Smith & Sons for Woody Woodpecker costumes (U.K., Eire, Australia, New Zealand); Bimbo for Woody Woodpecker cakes, pastries, baked goods (Spain); and Big Events for Woody Woodpecker balloons (Belgium).

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