Playing Forward Launches AR, VR Platform

Social-emotional learning application features content from Stan Lee’s Kids Universe.

Education and entertainment developer Playing Forward has launched its new interactive platform for children, called “The Vroom.”

The kid-centric app is powered by augmented and virtual reality and features 3D animated stories, interactive adventures and more from content providers including Stan Lee’s Kids Universe, among others.

Meanwhile, the app’s content is designed to promote problem-solving abilities and social-emotional learning. It also includes image-recognition software that allows a physical picture book to come to life as multi-dimensional pop-up book when viewed on a smartphone.

"Social-emotional learning is at the heart of every app and experience that we create,” says John Attard, chief executive officer, Playing Forward. “‘The Vroom’ is a digital playground that from a child's point of view is pure entertainment. Incorporating the benefits of social-emotional learning into children's lives is something that educators are increasingly telling us is crucial for relationship-building skills. The idea that social and emotional learning gives little learners the tools they need to thrive in the real world is what is so important to us and what drives our development of digital books, videos, toys and games."

“The Vroom” is now available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play by searching PF Vroom.

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