Hasbro Releases Transformers App


Hasbro and DeNA have released the new mobile card battle game “Transformers: Legends” for both iOS and Android devices.

Inspired by the “first generation” characters of Hasbro’s classic Transformers toy franchise, the game allows players to collect hundreds of character cards that they then use in virtual battles.

The game app sets players on a war-torn Earth where they will choose to build a team of Autobots or Decepticons to battle against one another.

Regular live battles will also be hosted via the app, where hundreds of players can battle against their greatest enemies in order to save the world or mine it for its vital resources.

“The Transformers brand is a fantastic universe for our development team to create a fast-paced gameplay experience with gorgeous visuals, original characters and never-before-seen game mechanics in the card-battle genre,” says Clive Downie, chief executive officer, DeNA West. “‘Transformers: Legends’ packs an extraordinary amount of fun and engaging action into mobile devices for everyone, from the most devout Transformers fans to those players that might be experiencing the More Than Meets the Eye property for the first time.”

“Transformers: Legends” is now available in the Apple App and on Google Play.