Garfield Races into New App


French developer Anuman Interactive has announced plans for a new Garfield racing app, “Garfield Kart,” created in collaboration with Paws, Inc.

The lasagna-loving feline will race online or locally against up to five other opponents on a choice of 16 different tracks.

Players can unlock additional content includes new looks and skills for Garfield, as well as his friends Jon, Odie and Nermel.

The game will be available for Android, iOS and PC devices this October.

“‘Garfield Kart’ is one of the most important projects developed by Anuman Interactive. All the components are gathered to guarantee fun and laughter for players of any age and profile,” says Eric Nguyen, marketing director, Anuman. “We are also very proud to be able to have users of PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android play together online or locally.”