Anuman Plans Agatha Christie Games


French game publisher Anuman Interactive is planning a series of new games based on the books of Agatha Christie for its adventure label Microïds.

The games will be created in partnership with Acorn Productions, which manages the rights to the Agatha Christie brand, in a deal that was negotiated by Interactive Rights Management on behalf of Agatha Christie Limited.

“Agatha Christie has already proven itself as a great game brand with the huge success we have had with our downloadable games, but we relish the challenge to make more immersive and true adventure–led games with the experts at Microïds,” says Valerie Bozzetto, joint managing director, IRM.

A series of investigation games based on the author’s work are currently in development for iOS, Adroid, PC and Mac, with the first title set to be announced soon.

“Coming at an exciting time for the Christie brand, we feel this development will deliver a whole new level of experience for Christie’s fans around the world,” says Tamsen Harward, vice president, sales and marketing, Acorn Productions.