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Smiley, Lyfcycle Team for Eco-Friendly Fashion

The sustainable fashion brand has partnered with Smiley for a clothing line.

Eco-conscious fashion brand Lyfcycle has partnered with Smiley to develop a sustainable fashion line.

“Lyfcycle specializes in sustainable garment sourcing and has developed a new technology that allows them to recycle and reuse all waste fabric from production,” says Michaela Fass, senior vice president, Smiley fashion division. “With Smiley’s authentic position at the forefront of peace, protest and activism, it’s a natural progression for us to start developing a wave of new sustainable products. All Smiley x Lyfcycle products will be made from recycled cotton, which has been blended with organic cotton to ensure Zero-Waste from source, while all waste fabric from production is recycled and reused.”

The partnership includes the use of recycled fabrics, and all product packaging and labeling will be recycled and recyclable. Lyfcycle has even innovated a mobile app that will allow consumers to monitor traceability of garments via QR codes, which will launch next month.

“It’s no secret that the apparel and footwear industry continues to have a substantial negative carbon impact and is a major contributor to the worsening state of climate change,” says Adriana Batty, co-founder, Lyfcycle. “At Lyfcycle, we’re driven by the need to implement positive changes in the way clothing is sourced and manufactured, and it’s through partnerships with counter-culture brands like Smiley that we stand a chance of delivering sustainable clothing on a large scale. Only with far-reaching collaborations and transparency across the industry, can we hope to make a positive impact.” 

Smiley’s partnership with Lyfcycle is earmarked to hit major retail stores from summer 2020.

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