Slick Rick Launches ‘The Crown Collection’

Collab is touted as a “manifestation of visual clues central to who Rick is as an artist.”

A collaboration between Slick Rick and artificial intelligence brand urbancoolab marks the 30-year anniversary of the rapper’s album, ‘The Ruler’s Back.’ The collection was curated with urbancoolab’s machine-learning algorithm called STiCH.

The gender-neutral collection “blends street savvy with comfy loungewear,” while also incorporating some of the rapper’s personal style.

Slick Rick has already gotten into the apparel game once this year, with the launch of the limited-edition PUMA Sky LX Slick Rick sneaker.

The collection is dropping in three phases, the first two were July 23 and July 26, with the final phase dropping Aug. 6. The latter two drops will be on, with the former being on NTWRK, a sneaker buying app.

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