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Lucasfilm, Nununu Blast-Off ‘Star Wars’ Kids’ Apparel

Lucasfilm, Nununu Blast-Off ‘Star Wars’ Kids’ Apparel  (1).png
Nununu takes kids’ apparel out of this world with the “Star Wars” license.

Nununu has teamed with Disney and Lucasfilm to create a line of gender-neutral children’s apparel inspired by the world of “Star Wars.”

The 40-piece licensed collection features a range of options including tops, pants, dresses, pants and t-shirts. The items’ gender-neutral silhouettes were created for comfort while highlighting the established world of “Star Wars.”

“Nununu has always been more than just clothes – we’re about breaking down barriers and always being up for the challenge, and we think the same goes for ‘Star Wars,’” says Iris Adler, co-founder and designer, Nununu, in an interview with “The belief that even when life faces you with difficulties, there is this never-ending hope to continue the fight for the greater good and standing up for what you believe in.”

The line showcases classic “Star Wars” characters such as R2-D2, Chewbacca and Darth Vader. According to Adler, the collection came together because of Nununu’s passion for the “Star Wars” world. The company told that it wanted fashion basics in the line to connect the sci-fi epic with Nununu’s unique style.

“We love everything about ‘Star Wars,’ and when we started designing the collection, we wanted to unite our passion of elevating fashion basics with the classic elements of the ‘Star Wars’ we grew up on – with a modern twist,” adds Adler. “Having these iconic characters that have been loved for generations as inspiration, we just had to incorporate our edgier aesthetic when bringing the collection to life, which we hope old and new fans alike will love.”

The latest “Star Wars” deal comes on the heels of another recent licensed deal for the brand for Playmate coolers. Igloo’s classic deal featured beloved series characters on the old school coolers.

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