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Pepsi x Popeye Collab Launches in Flash Sale

Pepsi x Popeye Collab Launches in Flash Sale

The Joester Loria Group and King Features have partnered with Body Rags Clothing for lifestyle program that celebrates two American icons–Pepsi and Popeye. 

Limited edition t-shirts available for three-days only on Amazon's MyHabit.

The Joester Loria Group and King Features have partnered with t-shirt manufacturer Body Rags Clothing for co-branded lifestyle program that celebrates two American pop culture icons–Pepsi and Popeye.

A limited edition t-shirt featuring both classic brands launched Tuesday on Amazon’s flash sale site, MyHabit, for a 72-hour sale.

“We see bringing Pepsi and Popeye together as a celebration of the heritage and history of two American pop culture icons,” says Joanne Loria, executive vice president, The Joester Loria Group, which represents Pepsi. “We are really excited about launching the collaboration with MyHabit, and looking forward to the program’s success.”

The collaboration has been 75 years in the making, since the 1940s when The Pepsi-Cola Company considered using Popeye as a spokesman, envisioning the Sailor Man downing their beverage instead of spinach.

“The first thought we had when creating the Pepsi x Popeye designs was: What would happen if Popeye pulled a can of Pepsi from his shirt and popped it open?” says Frank Caruso, vice president, creative, King Features, owner of the Popeye brand. “When working with the two American icons, the answer was easy: You would hear the Popeye theme song blast and the Pepsi logo would appear in his flexing muscle. This was the All-American spirit we wanted to capture in the designs. A spirited celebration of red, white and blue with Popeye and an ice cold Pepsi.”

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