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Kathy Ireland to Launch Sportswear

Kathy Ireland Worldwide is partnering with BBC Asia Group to launch the Kathy Ireland Life and Style sportswear brand later this year.

Denims will be released this year with outerwear to follow in 2015.

"This return to sportswear is a powerful moment in our fashion journey," says Kathy Ireland, chief executive officer and chief designer, kiWW. "Working with BBC is exciting and innovative. Once upon a time, we competed with these great leaders and today, we are a single team. Mr. Soffer, Mr. Acampora and their executives and designers are all extraordinary. This relationship came together at Licensing Expo."

Robert J. Acampora, BBC Asia’s executive vice president for the JouJou brand will serve as brand manager for Kathy Ireland Life and Style.

"We are looking forward to providing customers with a beautiful, quality line, which honors Kathy and the wonderful brand she has developed,” says Acampora. “We are all extremely excited about the fashion concepts development already under review for the upcoming denim product line."