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Hockey Star Scores Apparel Goal

Henrik Lundqvist, goalie for the New York Rangers hockey team, is teaming up with the Swedish bodywear brand Bread & Boxers for a series of seasonal collaborations.

Lundqvist, who was named one of the top five best-dressed men by Vanity Fair magazine and one of the most stylish athletes by GQ magazine, will work with Bread & Boxers owners Alexander Palmgren and Henrik Lindahl on a seasonal basis to create capsule collections and special editions.

"Knowing Hank for many years, I've been fascinated by his ability to move between different worlds, yet stay true to his values and heritage," says Palmgren. "He's a successful athlete, living a high life in New York, yet he still appreciates the small but pleasurable things in life. Hank represents the essence of Bread & Boxers."

Lundqvist will also appear as the face of the brand in visual imagery and on selected packaging for the series of Lundqvist's Favorites.

"I'm excited to move into the creative side of fashion, where ideas and personal style come to life," says Lundqvist. “I always wanted to be involved in building a brand, but the right opportunity hadn't presented itself until now. The line is beautiful and comfortable–essential, really–which is what attracted me to Bread & Boxers."

United Legwear is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Bread & Boxers brand in North America.