Grateful Dead, NBA Plan Mashup


Apparel designer Sportiqe has announced plans for a new line of t-shirts that merge the Grateful Dead and several top National Basketball Association teams.

The capsule collection is part of a larger Grateful Dead line featuring artwork inspired by the iconic band.

The vintage-inspired designs will merge Grateful Dead artwork with the logos from NBA teams including the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors.

The t-shirts will be available on Sportiqe’s website in mid-April.

“We are so honored to be able to bring a collection to the fans of such legendary artists as Grateful Dead,” says Jason Franklin, co-owner, Sportiqe. “These guys have fans who are quite possibly some of the most devoted music enthusiasts out there. We truly appreciate how much inspiration they offered the collection and we believe it truly reflects their signature rocker lifestyle and look.”