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Fyodor Golan Talks Chupa Chups Collab

We sat down with fashion designers Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman of the London fashion label Fyodor Golan to talk about the brand’s recent collaboration with Chupa Chups.

EUROPE–Following a September debut at London Fashion Week, British design house Fyodor Golan stopped by Brand Licensing Europe to show off their latest collection, inspired by Perfetti van Melle’s confectionary brand Chupa Chups.

The designers described the pair-up as one of the “most intertwined collaborations we’ve ever done,” with the aesthetic and history of the confectionary brand fitting in naturally with the duo’s “heat wave” concept for the collection, through which they wanted to highlight themes of eco-consciousness.

“We wanted to take a consumable product and turn it into an ultimate item of luxury, something that you wouldn’t just discard.”

And you absolutely would not discard the beautiful pieces in this womenswear collection of skirts, shirts and dresses, that will hit retail in February.

“Even items that are not necessarily in your face Chupa Chups still have been influenced by the ethos of Chupa Chups as a brand, the products, the flavors, the colors, the history, the materials, the wrapping,” they said. “When we started looking into the history of the brand, from Dali designing the logo all the way to what they’ve done recently, we just felt there was a kind of fantastic synergy throughout. This concept, that a product can give you joy and help you express who you are and make you feel more comfortable with yourself, is very much what we’re about as well.”

“For Chupa Chups, design has always been a key asset, so we are very excited to have Fyodor Golan’s privileged creative minds propose an embroidered and exquisite version of our brand elements in this fashion collection,” said Christine Cool, area licensing manager, Perfetti van Melle. “It is fascinating to see how they have made an artistic conception by fusing the brand icons with surprising materials and disrupting shapes.”

Stop by and see the collection yourself at Brand Licensing Europe Stand M10 this week.

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