Evy, HLL Develop New Kind of Hoodie

Art studio HLL Design has teamed with Evy of California to develop a line of plush hoodies featuring the Hoodsbee brand.

“This patented hoodie that transforms into a plush toy is also great for travel,” says Kevin Krieser, president and chief executive officer, Evy of California. “Kids wear hoodies, but often take them off with no place to put them. Now they can transform them into a plush toy.”

Evy and HLL will launch their line of character-based plush hoodies this holiday season. HLL also plans to extend the brand into other categories.

“Our plan for line extensions is vast,” says Han Lee, president, HLL Design. “We plan to license the brand in a variety of categories such as blankets, towels, accessories and more utilizing the patented Hoodsbee technology.”