Animal Planet Star Partners for Tees

Lifestyle company Dog is Good has partnered with dog trainer and Animal Planet star Victoria Stilwell to create a co-branded line of women’s apparel.

The Victoria Stilwell Collection by Dog is Good will feature t-shirts in three designs that combine Stilwell’s core philosophies with Dog is Good’s dog-inspired messaging and graphic style.

“We are so pleased to work with Victoria Stilwell on this line of apparel,” says Gila Kurtz, co-owner, Dog is Good. “Victoria’s philosophies are right in line with Dog is Good values, so I think that makes a great connection in respect to the positive dog-human relationship and how that is nurtured.”  

Stilwell is a national ambassador for American Humane and stars in the Animal Planet TV series “It's Me or the Dog.”

The new line will debut at the New York International Gift Fair Aug. 18, and will be available exclusively at the Victoria Stilwell and Dog is Good websites.

“I’m thrilled to be joining forces with Dog is Good on this project because our ideals and goals are so perfectly in sync,” says Stilwell. “The movement to foster and maintain bonds with our pets based on mutual trust, respect and love as opposed to fear, pain and intimidation will be very well served by this new product line.”

Dog is Good is represented by Brentwood Licensing and is actively seeking additional licensees domestically and worldwide.