The Air Force in Focus

Master fine art photographer Nicholas Price recently completed three exciting and very different commissions and will be releasing a selection of the black-and-white photographs from each of the collections for licensing.

Price's "Cleared Hot! An Exclusive and Personal Journey into the United States Air Force" project was commissioned to commemorate the Air Force's anniversary this year. For the year-long project, Price was granted unique access in order to capture the human story behind the men and women in the Air Force.

The photographer wanted to dispel the public's impression that the Air Force is "all about reversing a plane out of the hanger and flying it across the world into enemy territory." Price shot this entire project using two 35mm professional cameras and a range of traditional black-and-white film to produce artistic and professional-quality work without any image manipulation.

Every photograph was developed and printed by hand. Of the more than 8,000 images that were taken, 60 were chosen for the final exhibit. Millions of people already have seen this project, exhibition and tour, which concluded at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.

The collection is now being acquired by the Library of Congress. "This is a perfect example of a project that many people may not hear about, but there is strong licensing potential," says Grace Price, president of Nicholas Price Enterprises LLC. "The patriotic and military themes are applicable for many uses." Licensing agreements for T-shirts, baseball caps and books are already in place for "Cleared Hot!"

Price's "Anatomy of a Ballet," commissioned by the Sarasota Ballet to tell the company's story, provides a glimpse into the ballet's "practice, costumes, rehearsals, nerves, sore toes and final-stage production." Limited-edition fine art books signed by the artist were offered as a fundraising package for the ballet. Now T-shirts, posters and prints will be produced using some of the images from the collection.

In a completely different direction, Price recently completed a special photographic collection focusing on Busch Entertainment's conservation efforts and partnership with nature. A line of products, including prints, posters and apparel, is being created around the images.

The three recent commissions are just a small part of Price's work, which includes more than 45,000 images on wide-ranging subjects. "Nicholas is very much a candid photographer, a photojournalist. His photographs tell a story," says Grace Price. "He can apply his photographs to almost any subject because he has covered it all."

Of particular interest for licensing are his "Old Vegas" collection and his nostalgic "Too Many Wheels" images. "There's a huge movement for nostalgic content," she says. "People are looking back at things that are familiar."