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Exclusive: The Brand Liaison Syncs with Watch Skins

Watch Skins is launching the world’s first marketplace for Blockchain collectible smartwatch faces.

Watch Skins has announced the launch of the world’s first blockchain watch face marketplace. They’ve also partnered with The Brand Liaison to handle licensing.

 “Watch Skins is about giving customers choices,” says Collin Knock, founder and chief executive officer, Watch Skins. “We’re able to offer a wide variety of branded fashion and entertainment content, which in turn gives companies an amazing opportunity to license their intellectual property in the form of digital watch faces. It gives customers access to brands in an exciting new format and it keeps companies relevant and in front of consumers in the digital age.

“Many exciting licensing possibilities are coming in the future, and we’re optimistic about what Watch Skins is contributing to the future of licensing using blockchain and crypto,” Knock continues. “It’s adding an amazing amount of utility to the blockchain by tying together smart wearables, licensing and crypto-collectibles as we have. We’ve had a very positive response from respected minds in the crypto space, and Watch Skins’ Singapore-based subsidiary company, Watch Skins Pte., is currently preparing to launch the sale of the Watch utility token on a major cryptocurrency exchange.”

Watch Skins has partnered with a leading licensing agency, The Brand Liaison, to handle all aspects of licensing. Headed by industry veterans Steven Heller and Cory Waisner, The Brand Liaison is already in talks with major brands for multiple licensing deals.

“This is such a cutting-edge technology,” says Heller, The Brand Liaison. “Watch Skins has figured out how to combine the elements of limited-edition blockchain collectibles with fashion and smartwatch technology to create an entirely new category. Really for the first time ever, collectors can now enjoy practical use as well as showing off their most prized collectibles.”

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