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TriGirlz is a European pop group comprising three-dimensional animated female characters (Spiff, Sneak, and Trix) from England, Japan, and America, respectively. Though the identities of the actual singers remain undisclosed, the "girls" recently bowed their first single and music video, "Mission Impossible," with TBC Records in Europe this year and will launch their first album in the U.S. in 2003.

The group's agent (The Brand Company, Copenhagen, Denmark) has created a story universe where each girl has a different character and life story. The first story (targeting girls ages 6 to 12) will roll out in Scandinavia and England this year with the group's upcoming singles. Current licensing partners include Hennes & Mauritz for clothing in Denmark and Hong Kong-based Comtech Brands Ltd. for wristwatches in Europe. The Brand Company plans to produce a live-action/CGI TV series for the U.S market. The agent is seeking cross-promotional partners for the U.S. market, and a licensed partner for a complete clothing and accessories line. More details can be found at www.trigirlz.com.