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“Huevocartoon” Goes Mobile

Al Ovadia & Associates inked a licensing deal for its popular Spanish-language animated satirical property “Huevocartoon” with mobile content provider Airborne Entertainment.

“Huevocartoon,” a series of Web-based, flash-animated comedic shorts starring a group of outspoken eggs who partake in satires of cultural and social aspects of life, was launched in Mexico in 2002. Since then, “Huevocartoon” has built a worldwide fan base of more than 100 million people, and has spun off countless projects including an animated film and a full line of merchandise. Airborne’s mobile suite of products will include wallpapers, ringtones, video content, and more, featuring popular “Huevocartoon” characters like Huevo Santa, Osama Bin Huevo, Los Huevos Rancheros, Huevo Zen, and others.