‘The Owl’ Secures Deal with Jetix

TV-Loonland has secured a raft of content deals for its one-minute short series “The Owl,” including a pan-regional pay-TV rights agreement with Jetix covering the United States, Latin America, the Nordic Territories, Japan, India, and Pakistan.

Further, TV-Loonland has licensed pay-TV rights to French broadcaster Canal J and Mini Mini Poland.

“The Owl,” already being aired on BBC, will be seen on Canadian free- and pay-TV with YTV and Societe Radio Canada (SRC) acquiring the series. Free-TV rights have been picked up by Veo TV Digital Spain, DR TV Denmark, and the Polish pre-school channel Canal + Cyfrowy.

The series, featuring an unfortunate Owl facing the daily challenge of staying in one piece, has also been sold to Universal Family Entertainment in Germany for home video. 

Non-exclusive mobile rights for the UK have been granted to Player X with Vivendi Mobile Entertainment picking up rights for France. Free VOD and IPTV rights have been licensed to Bonsai Channel in Italy.